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2013 Club Memberships Now Available

Memberships, get your CMBC memberships here!

Thanks to some diligent work by your board (and in particular, multi-tool extraordinaire Evan) we are excited to offer the ability to purchase membership and insurance online this year. The registration site can be found at: Click on the Cycling Association of Yukon for all Yukon insurance and club membership options.

CMBC, Velonorth, U Kon Echelon and CAY have all moved to this single online registration system which is provided by CCN, operated out of North Vancouver. CMBC will be using CCN for event registration for some of our larger events such as the 24 Hours of Light.

Here's how it works:

Membership/Insurance The vast majority of you will be purchasing a cmbc membership ($15) and CAY insurance ($35).

You must first create a CCN profile. Once a profile is created, you can add memberships and insurance to the cart for purchase. It is important that your profile is created with correct information as pricing for memberships and UCI licenses is controlled by the age you enter (e.g. under 17’s, youth pricing for memberships).

Most memberships require insurance, some do not; the system will enforce the rules appropriately. You can also choose to only purchase insurance from CAY or UCI if desired. Also, you can purchase different memberships at different times so if you aren't sure yet if you want to join Velonorth, for example, you can come back to your profile and add that membership at a later date.

It is important to note that CAY insurance/membership and UCI licenses are ONLY available for purchase online. CAY will not accept any other form of registration.

Waivers Once you have selected your licenses/membership to purchase you will be required to sign the standard CAY waiver. This online waiver replaces the need for paper waivers for those over age 18. However, all youth are required to sign a paper waiver with its associated parental consent form. These paper waivers can be given to a cmbc board member at any event.

Mailing Lists You will then be presented options to opt-into mailing lists for Velonorth and CMBC if those memberships were purchased. Even if you have already signed up for the mailing list via this website, you may still want to tick the "yes" box for emails during registration. We know that some people have been experiencing some difficulties with receiving emails from the website sign up list. We're working on a fix.

Payment First, a word about the price to be a full cmbc member. You will have noticed that it will cost you $50 total, not $40 as in years past. Cycling Canada insurance costs increased significantly this year and so did CMBC's share of those costs. We still have BY FAR the lowest rates in Canada for UCI licenses and general insurance and the membership cost has remained the same: $15. We work hard to bring you good value for your hard earned dollars and we offer some good stuff in exchange: fun events, races, discounts at local businesses, and trail advocacy/maintenance in Whitehorse. In short: please don't bitch about the cost. It's not like we are pocketing your dough.

The final registration screen confirms all the products being purchased and the associated costs. For 2013, CAY is covering the transaction costs of using CCN. In future years these fees will either have to be absorbed by the cycling organization or passed onto the registrant.

If you need help, contact cmbc at


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