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Snowbiking at Mt. Mac

CMBC has met with the WCCSC board and renewed the Memorandum of Understanding for winter biking. Once again, fat bikers will be able to cross ski trails in order to access the singletrack network. Please be mindful of our guidelines:

If you would like to use the Mt. McIntyre Recreational Center and its amenities (including sauna, washrooms, etc.) please purchase a day pass OR be a member of WCCSC.Purpose built snow bikes only please! Both tires must be wider than 3.7”. Absolutely no regular mountain bikes.Snow bikes yield to skiers at crossings.Stay on snow bike designated trails. DO NOT ride on any ski trails. Ski trails should only be crossed in order to access singletrack.Dogs are allowed only on Porcupine Ridge and the Hawk Ridge loop. Snow bikes can access Porcupine via the new Mt Mac connector from Copper Ridge.When crossing ski trails, stay on your bike. Do not walk across ski trails, this will leave punctures. Do not stop on ski trails. If you are waiting for colleagues, please wait on the singletrack.All trails are bi-directional. Keep your eyes and ears open for users that may be travelling towards you.

And, most importantly, Be an ambassador for the sport – stay polite, educate other bikers, discourage bad behavior, follow the rules, and we’ll all have a good time this winter.

To Access Trails:

Start in the Dirt ParkClimb up through the Dirt ParkTurn RIGHT on Olympic, stay on the OUTSIDE of the ski tracks.Look to your LEFT there is a singletrack that cuts past the stunts. Cross onto that singletrackClimb towards the 5 km (you will be parallel to Nighthawk)Cross the 5 kmClimb on either singletrack (left is more gradual than right)Cross the 7.5 kmContinue on any of the many options with-in this area of trails, including Lower/Upper Rocky Canyon, Lichen It, etc.You can stay on any trail, but do NOT cross or ride on any other ski trails.


Use the Copper Ridge Connector to access Porcupine Ridge. You are allowed to cross the ski trail at Hawk Ridge at Best Chance Corner and along Copper.

Access to/from Collective:

If you are accessing Collective, please use EXTREME CAUTION due to Bridge

When entering Collective, cross the 7.5 km Trail. Stay on the OUTSIDE of the ski trails and go directly to the Collective entrance.When exiting Collective, say on the OUTSIDE of the ski trails, and cross the 7.5 km Trail at the Rocky Canyon entrance.

This map, on the WCCSC website provides a visual representation of the singletrack (yellow) referred to:


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