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Bike Swap 2014

Spring is finally here and it is time for the Bike Swap! Come on out Saturday May 3 at iCycle Sport for the event! This garage sale is where you can sell your bikes or biking equipment. Here's the deal: - Selling your bike? Let us do the work for you! Drop it off at 10:30 and we'll sell it for you. We ask for a 10% donation of the sale price to CMBC. Remember to come by for your cheque or bike at 1:00. Bikes left after 1:30 will be donated to charity. - Selling gear, bikes, frames, wheels, bike-related stuff? You can do the legwork. Bring your stuff by at 10:45 and set up on a table (provided). You pay $10 for your table space and stay to sell your stuff. Sale ends 1:00.

All proceeds go to 2014 CMBC cycling events, tools, and equipment like the fabulous new wheeled litter to add to the arsenal of safety stuff here in Whitehorse.

We will also have sign-up for Grant's Clinic at the Swap, and can give you helpful tips on how to register online. Looking forward to seeing you there!


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