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Carcranked Enduro

The Carcranked Enduro is set for Sunday, August 16th in Carcross,Yukon at 11:00 am.


Registration will open at 10:30 at the Carcross Commons area. Cost for registration is $10 for CMBC members and $20 for non-members. Registration is open for 12 plus, but 12-18 years olds must have a parent to sign their race waiver. Racers 12-16 should enter the Intermediate course unless accompanied during the race by an adult.


There will be an Advanced and Intermediate Course. The Advanced Course will involve 2 self-powered trips up the mountain to do Nares, Caribou, Porcupine, AK DNR, Holey Roads, Upper/Lower Wolverine and Fox. The Intermediate Course will involve one trip up the mountain to do Nares, Caribou, Porcupine, AK DNR.

Aid Stations:

There will be two aid stations on the course at the Upper Wolverine Parking Lot and at the bottom of AK DNR. Ski Patrol will also have patrollers on course.


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