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CARCROSS ENDURO TOMORROW AUGUST 13th! - Volunteers needed!

The Carcross Enduro is happening tomorrow, August 13th! Volunteers are needed to make this event happen - please check out our online volunteer sign-up sheet here

Looks like it'll be a perfect day for riding! Meet at Carcross Commons at 11am.

For those of you that haven't ridden in and Enduro Race you should come give it a try. You end up riding uphill in a group with new or old friends. You are only timed on the descents (and space/time is given between each rider so each has a 'clean run') and those descents are your chance to blast down the trail for a few minutes. After the descent, wait for your buddies to catch up, regroup, high five, laugh about the fun ride you just had and together make your way to the next descent. Repeat. Have FUN!

Also note that SHIFT movie will be playing at 5:30pm at the Carcross Rec Centre.


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