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Coaching Courses from CAY

The Cycling Association of the Yukon (CAY) is seeking people who are interested in gaining the skills and knowledge to get kids on bikes and/or to help cyclists of any age start going longer and getting faster.There are 2 different National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) courses that CAY could offer this fall or early winter:Let's Ride!: Community Cycling Initiation is for coaches who are primarily interested in working with novice cyclists at the community level. This 5-hour classroom-based workshop is open to coaches of all abilities and experience and to cyclists of ANY discipline -- DH'ers, roadies, BMX'ers, MTB'ers, dirt jumpers, cruisers... anyone who wants to learn some new skills to get kids on bikes and amp'ed about cycling.Ready To Race!: Training Basics is for coaches interested in working with athletes who are ready to start training with some more structure. This could include a young mountain biker thinking of getting into racing, an older adult hoping to take on their first gran fondo, or anywhere in-between. The 2-day course is also open to coaches of all abilities and experience and is relevant to all cycling disciplines.Which course/s will be offered and when depends on participant interest.If you are potentially interested in taking advantage of either of these (free!) training opportunities, please contact Ian Parker, CAY's Director of Coaching Development, for more information and to indicate where your main interest lies (i.e in getting kids on bikes, or in helping experienced cyclists start getting faster). Once interest is confirmed, Ian will work with potential participants to determine which course/s will be offered and when.LIVING IN RURAL YUKON?CAY has funding available to support a limited number of coaching candidates to travel to Whitehorse to attend these courses. Contact Ian for more information.Keep the rubber side down.Ian Parker (867) 668-4699


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