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Dirt Search Contest

Mountain bikers, we need your help! CMBC has been chosen, by mega-retailer Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC), to participate in its Dirt Search Contest, running from February 5th-26th, 2014. The contest pits us against 9 other clubs throughout western Canada in a quest to garner the most online votes, with a $10,000 prize going to the winner.

The $10,000 can be used on any trails related project and CMBC has decided that, if we win, we will sponsor a Carcross-Tagish/Singletrack to Success project to build and improve trails on Montana Mountain.

Trail builders start their morning commute down historic Mountain Hero Trail, 3300 feet above Tagish Lake. Photo: Derek Crowe

What exactly would S2S do with the money you ask? Let me tell you:

We would build a bi-directional trail (for hikers and bikers) alternative to the main access road up Montana. We would upgrade sections of the McDonald Creek Trail to make bi-directional travel a bit easier and we would add a connector between Sheep and the Caribou/Tincup trailhead. These improvements mean that cyclists could climb up the mountain on singletrack and there would be more options for beginner-level mountain bikers. In addition, a sweet new all-mountain loop, incorporating Nares View and McDonald Creek, would be created.

I'm sure I don't have to tell you that the amount of money that we are looking at would be significant for our club. Winning it would make a huge difference to the community of Carcross and to the amount of trail work that can be done this season. Help us win this national contest and make Montana Mountain better than ever. Here's what you have to do:

1. Have a facebook account to be able to vote. I know, this is kind of a drag but we didn't make the contest rules. 2. Go to the contest page for the western region every day from today until February 26th and vote for the Yukon project. We're last on the list so scroll down!

If you need a gentle reminder to vote every day (we don't want to spam you but we don't want you to forget either), join our contest community facebook page. Heck, even if you don't need the reminder, come join us over there anyway. It will only be active for the contest period and we promise to entertain you with pretty photos, interesting stories from Montana Mountain and the club and of course it's good karma.

3. Tell all your friends and family to vote for us too.

We don't have nearly the population base to draw on as some of our competitors do so we need to get as many people on Team Yukon as we can. Spread the word and vote often!

And thank-you. We live and ride in an amazing place. Let's prove that to the whole country by winning this thing.


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