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Group Rides - keep 'em or let them go?

For several years now cmbc has offered group rides on a weekly basis. The attendance at these rides has dropped significantly over the last couple of years and last week not a single rider showed up. This week we are cancelling the Tuesday group ride because we want people to come out to race or cheer on the last of the twoonie races at Chadburn. Whether we offer a group ride next week and for Tuesdays the rest of the summer is up to you.

We are seriously considering dropping Tuesday group rides due to lack of participants and the difficulty in recruiting volunteer leaders. At this point it looks like the group rides are no longer in demand, in which case we"ll let them go.

This does not apply to the Thursday Dirt Girl rides which are well-attended.

If you think the group rides should continue let us know by commenting on our facebook page or emailing us at All comments welcome.


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