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June 2021 - COVID UPDATE #2

Hello All,

With careful consideration and a lot of advice, we have decided to continue with our operations, clinics and events.

If our each event champion is comfortable with it and can demonstrate strict exposure mitigation, we will support the event.

Each event carries different risks and exposure potential as bikers come in all shapes and sizes. We have tightened our expectations of our event organizers and expect nothing but ridiculously strict safe 6+1.

We expect all participants, organizers and helpers to comply and do their best at making the adventure enjoyable while being safe.

Refunds will be offered to those who are not comfortable participating. No questions asked.

Please email

We will reevaluate again as conditions change. We reserve the right to postpone or cancel events on short notice till this damn CV-19 is behind us.

Biking is part of a healthy lifestyle and is important for mental health. We all understand that and want to provide the safest and healthiest overall experience.

Thank you for understanding and for your support during this time.

- CMBC Executive


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