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Last Summer 2012 Mountain Bike Biathlon

Yes, even more bikes and guns - your last chance this summer!

The last mountain bike biathlon for the 2012 summer season will take place this coming Monday, September 10. You will seriously be surprised by how fun this is, even if you've never been anywhere near a gun before.

Start time is slightly later this time around. This is a fun, non-competitive event. No previous experience is necessary.

Volunteers are also needed if you're curious about biathlon but don't want to participate in the race, and there is no cost to volunteer.

No dogs allowed - sorry pooches.

Start time: 6:30pm for registration, rifle sighting, and set-up

Location: Grey Mountain Biathlon Range

Cost: For those who already paid for season membership with Biathlon Yukon - only $2 for ammunition. For those who have not paid for Biathlon Yukon Membership - $10 including ammo.

The race will start at 7:30pm.

See you there!


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