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New Royal Court

We have a new Mountain Bike Royal Court after another successful King of the Canyon.

King of the Canyon: Jonah Clark

Queen of the Canyon: Meagan Wilson

Prince of the Canyon (short course): Mark Nelson

Princess of the Canyon (short course): Christine Kirk

Thank you again to all the volunteers: Ian Parker, Mario Villeneuve, Monika Melnychuk, Jane Perapalkin, Anthony Delorenzo, Rory Schalko, Paul Gowdie, Joel and Amelia and Xavier Macht, Dylan Stewart, Derek Endress, Kate White, Kris Gardner and everyone else I've forgotten.

Big thanks as well to Yukon Brewing for their ongoing support and sponsorship, as well as the King of the Canyon prizes.

Full results below:

Short Course


Mark Nelson 1:43:15

Shea Hoff man 1:54:09

Guillaume Levesque 2:08)3

Jon Heaton 2:08:51

Fabian 2:12:54

Finn Matrishon 2:35:47


Christine Kirk 2:01:05

Kirsten Hogan 2:09:04

Veronica Huggard 2:12:47

Kris Gardner 2:30:32

Carrie Burbidge 2:39:13

Heather Leduc 2:49:47

Valeri Girard 2:49:52

Long Course


Jonah Clark 2:25:49

James Minifie 2:37:43

Aaron Foos 3:03:16

Karl Blattman 3:06:52

Chad Bauld 3:08:50

Tim Hogan 3:15:46

Dan Reimer 3:18:09

Geof Harries 3:31:51

Mario Villeneuve 3:36:12

Wade Larson 3:36:12

George Pollock 3:43:04

Chuck Mangold 3:54:42

Dean Eyre 4:14:12


Meagan Wilson 3:34:45

Bobbie Wilcox 3:38:16

Sierra van der Meer 3:43:42


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