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Yukon MTB Championships

The Yukon Royal Court has been crowned for 2015. This year's Yukon King and Queen of the Canyon are:

King of the Canyon: David Gonda Queen of the Canyon: Meagan Wilson Prince of the Canyon (short course): Craig Machtans Princess of the Canyon (short course): Trish Steele

Thank-you to all the people who came out to race (we had 40 participants) and to everyone who put the event together: Kris Gardner and Heather LeDuc on behalf of the CMBC Board, Alex Sokolon, Wendy Sokolon, Steve Hahn, Sammy Salter, Jo Lukawitski and anyone else whose name I have inadvertently missed. We do really appreciate your help! Once again this year we were really stoked to have the aid station provided by the Whitehorse Hash House Harriers.

Full results are below.


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