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Trail Fairy Award

Trail fairy sculpture by Robin Wight, Fantasywire. Photo from his facebook page.

This season, as with last season, we will be awarding someone in the community the Trail Fairy Award. Have you been working your butt off building or maintaining trails this season? Or do you know someone who has? Make sure you let us know.

Some words word from our Trails Director and club president:

Karl: "Hi all, thanks again for all the work you have done to keep our trails free of trees this year, it's been amazing! The newer, less glorious, task is cutting back the brush that is creeping in on our trails and slapping us in the face. I would like to challenge you all to take some time and cut some small sections of trail when you come upon a spot that needs work. We've decided to start up the Trail Fairy Award again to try and get some more people off their bikes cutting brush till the end of the season. So what we'd like you to do is carry a small set of clippers with you and post [on the CMBC facebook page or send us an email] whenever you have taken the time to cut some brush on a section of trail and we will consider your name for a Trail Fairy Award at the end of the season."

Sierra: "Trail building and maintenance has an enormously high rate of return. The hours you spend out on the trail will result in endless hours of biking fun. It's also a good work out. We are bikers, our legs are strong from hours of pedaling, but let's face it our arms are weak and pathetic. Most of us can only barely manage to get a beer from counter to mouth before exhausting ourselves. We could use a little upper body work out. PLUS, it's good bike karma. If you give the trails your love, they will give it right back to you."

We know that there are lots of you out there doing work on new trails as well as maintaining those that have already been built. But we also know that a lot of this work is done without much fanfare and without many people knowing about it. We would like to highlight the efforts of all the great trail stewards out there so let us know who has been doing awesome work this season. If you would like to nominate someone for the Trail Fairy Award, please send us their name and a short (less than 250 words - a sentence or two can be enough) description of what that person has done to be be named this year's trail fairy. Submissions can be sent to our cmbc email until September 30th. We will announce the winner at our AGM in October.


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