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Trail Maintenance / Trail Fairy

Yahoo it's insta-summer!, but it is early season riding out there and those trails we love to ride need love; 'deadfall clearing, overgrowth cut-back, hazard removing' kinda love. So if you are dying to let your inner trail fairy sing, and want to score a chance to win a prize (!), please take your tools (hand saw or chain saw) to the trails and do good deeds. The following is a list of some areas that we've identified that are in need of maintenance work. We'll post the same list on our FB page so that members can comment re: where and what needs work, and also report if they've completed a task (which will result in an entry for prize (!)).

1) Bugaloo Heights – needs fill in a few wet/muddy spots 2) Midtown (between Go-t and B. Heights)-needs fill in a few wet/muddy spots 3) Girlfriend from Juicy to Chadburn Lake-LOTS of whippers to cut back 4) Yukon River Trail -Whippers as always 5) My Trail from Cousin’s Connector down to Long Flat – downed trees and whippers 6) Your Trail from Long Flat to Lake- whippers and deteriorating bench cut 7) Southern portion of Long lake Height-downed trees (from Hilarious to Bridge) 8) Payback-GD whippers 9)Hospital Ridge near the junction to Broken Truck


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