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Trail work in Carcross this weekend

A word from Carcross....

Dear riders and Montana Mountain supporters -

The 7th season of the Carcross Singletrack to Success (S2S) Project is drawing to a close, and there's so much to be thankful for. With your support, we've made something pretty special happen. 55+ km of trails built and restored, 25 CTFN youth employed, over $400K of funding, an IMBA Epic designation (thanks Tony D) - all nice stats to pull out!

It's what's happening around, and because of, those numbers that's the real story though. It's about the parade of bike racks driving through downtown Carcross on a summer day, the Carcross kids who stand a little taller and prouder now, the riders showing up from all over Canada, the US and beyond who think Carcross is as special as we do, and yes - even that really awesome espresso at Caribou Coffee! All of those things were pretty hard to imagine 7 years ago.

This year has been particularly bittersweet in its successes and challenges. We hired 9 CTFN youth to help us pull off our biggest project yet - 7.5 km of singletrack through the gnarliest terrain we've ever encountered to connect the historic McDonald Creek trail back to Carcross. They've been our most dedicated crew to date. However, in an unexpected turn of events, the S2S crew's anchor, Wayne Roberts, was diagnosed with a very serious cancer. He's now in Vancouver waging a completely different battle from the one he was planning to this summer.

With only a few weeks left to go before the season (and funding) is over, there's still a mountain of work to do on "Wayne's World". Help our hard-working crew get the job done! The details:

Saturday and Sunday, September 29/30 (come one or both days!) Meet at 10 am at Caribou Coffee/Skookum Jim House in downtown Carcross Bring your riding friends, bike, gloves, lunch, water, eye protection, and shoes/clothing suitable for trail work

Don't hesitate to contact for more info. And check out our Facebook page


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