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Trailforks from Pinkbike

With spring on the way we wanted to share a relatively new tool with you all.

Trailforks ( is a crowd-sourced trail database and management tool that relies on the increasing number of mountain bikers tracking their rides with GPS devices. The website allows members to compare their rides and share information about trail conditions, and seems like a more systematic way to monitor our growing trail system than our trusty Facebook group (although the FB group isn't going anywhere, don't worry!). Trailforks will also hopefully serve new comers and tourists who want check out our trail system before they arrive.

Also - if you are traveling to a different region for a mountain bike adventure you may want to check out Trailforks for maps and route info in that area - keep it in mind!

Trailforks is owned by Pinkbike so you have to be a member of Pinkbike to post on the website, but you can cruise around the website without being a member to see if you are interested in using it first. Happy trails!


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