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Voting Update for Dirt Search Contest

There's just over a week left in the Dirt Search Contest and we want to thank everyone who has so far taken the time to throw a vote CMBC's way. If you haven't wandered over to our contest page, you should check out our daily updates and occasional prize giveaways! And you can vote here:

CMBC volunteers after a day working on the Wayne's World trail on Montana Mountain. Photo: Jane Koepke

Today we received a significant clarification about voting. It is actually possible for a non-facebook account having person to vote! All you have to do it go to the Dirt Search page on the MEC blog and then to the page for the western region and vote by unclicking all the “Share to facebook” boxes under each organization, then clicking the Vote button for Yukon (we're last on the list).

Building table tops on Lower Wolverine, 2006 Photo: Jane Koepke

For those who have missed the memo, CMBC has been chosen to participate in MEC's Dirt Search Contest, running until February 26th, 2014. The contest pits us against 9 other clubs throughout western Canada in a quest to garner the most online votes, with a $10,000 prize going to the winner. If CMBC wins, we would put the money towards trail building in Carcross by sponsoring the Carcross/Tagish First Nation and the Singletrack to Success Project.

What are you waiting for? We've only got 8 more days! Please share this widely among your friends and fmaily.


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