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We have a budget surplus

It's almost the end of our summer riding season and the club's fiscal year. Thanks to a great year with lots of members (180 at last count) and several successful events, we find ourselves with a financial surplus and we want your ideas on how to spend it.

Bicycle change purse from

If you are a member of the club, send an email with your mountain bike investment ideas to

Please include the following with your submission: - what you think we should do with the money - the cost of your idea (anywhere from $5-$5,000) and appropriate level of detail for the more expensive suggestions - some details on how your idea helps the Whitehorse mountain bike or snow bike community

The board will be discussing all the submissions at our monthly board meeting on September 23 and we will report back on what we decide. Submissions should be received by Sunday September 22 at midnight.


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