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We won!!

What happens when you combine mountain bikers, a small First Nation, dedicated youth trail builders, generous local businesses, a proud Territory, and supporters from across North America?

Apparently $12,000 and a surprise ending!! Proving that we can achieve great things when we join together, the Yukon has won the western division of MEC's Dirt Search contest, receiving more votes than the serious southern heavyweights we were up against. It was a close finish, and we can assure you that EVERY last one of your votes really made this seemingly "impossible" goal possible!

And as if the $10,000 MEC prize wasn't enough, CMBC received 1.5 times the minimum 2000 votes it needed to realize the full $2000 pledge that Yukon Energy Corporation made early into the competition!!

Thanks to all of you, local youth trail builders will be out in full force this summer in Carcross. We are so excited for this amazing opportunity.

Together we're going to do great things.

More from us tomorrow - we're off to celebrate!


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