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Whitehorse Trail Network Plan Consultation - Complete the Surveys!

Happy new year cmbc'ers! I hope you are as excited about the 2013 riding season as the board is. We have lots of fun events planned for this year. Remember to keep your eye on the event calendar for all upcoming activities.

If you have not yet done so, please take a minute to complete the City's two surveys on our trail network. The two areas under discussion are Above the Airport (Hillcrest, Granger, Copper Ridge) and East of the Yukon River (Grey Mountain). CMBC had representation at the meetings about the implementing the trail plan and our input supported maximum usability for all while emphasizing the needs of mountain bikers specifically. Regardless of this representation, I think it would be wise for as many of us as possible to complete the survey in order to show support for our trail system and to ensure our needs are met.

Of particular note, in the ATA survey there are questions around whether Blair Witch should become a City designated trail and there is a section to provide your knowledge about trail names.

All the background information can be found on the City's website. The Above the Airport survey is here and the East of the Yukon River survey is here. Both surveys close January 4th. Make your voice heard.


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