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Winding Up

Our CMBC season is rounding up and we've got a couple of great events to finish off the season. This Thursday is the last Twoonie race of the season at Mt. McIntyre. No more excuses!!! Come out and ride a fun course, and enjoy some great Yukon Brewing prizes. The registration is at 7:00 pm, with race start at 7:30 pm.

King of the Canyon - the Yukon Mountain Bike Championships - is happening on August 21st. This is an amazing chance to ride some great Yukon trails. Race registration is 10:30 am at Schwatka Lake, with race start at 11:00 am. The race will, once again, feature a long (50ish km) course and short (25ish km) course. I'll be posting more info on the course as soon as I can!


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