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Contagious Mountain Bike Club


It's R.I.M.B.Y. Time!

For the month of June, CMBC challenges you and your crew to get out and explore the incredible network of mountain bike trails in your own backyard! Ride in my Backyard (R.I.M.B.Y.) has three categories—Kids, Novice, Expert—and great prizes! 

The first 130 people to donate $50 or more to Singletrack to Success (S2S) in 2023 will receive a majorly rad pair of MTB socks!  

4 Carcross youth will be hired to the S2S crew this summer, and your contribution helps fund the crew to maintain and improve the Montana Mountain trails we love so much. Socks can be picked up at Icycle Sports in Carcross after June 1. 

sock design (1).jpg


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