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Formally established on May 8, 2007


The Whitehorse mountain biking club began as a unit within Yukon’s road cycling club, VeloNorth. However, as the mountain biking scene grew, it became clear that there was a need for a sister club that was dedicated to the needs and wants of trail riders.

The Contagious Mountain Bike Club (CMBC) was formally established on May 8, 2007.

Why the name Contagious?  Because we feel that the enthusiasm we have for bikes is just that – transmittable to other people; it’s catchy!

Our Purpose

  1. To promote all types of off-road cycling in the Whitehorse area by organizing events, workshops and group rides.

  2. We also work hard to advocate for and support efforts to maintain, grow and secure our wonderful network of trails!

CMBC’s vision is to build mountain bike community and culture through volunteerism and partnerships. We envision a trail network that is sustainable, inclusive, diverse and most importantly, fun! CMBC is entirely volunteer-run; we are a registered not-for-profit society. We utilize funds to run our events and for event supplies, for trail maintenance equipment and supplies, and to support other organizations doing trail work, such as Singletrack to Success and the Youth Achievement Centre.

All of our club events are designed to challenge all skill levels.

No matter the skill, the desire is all the same.

This club welcomes all those who would like to join.

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Board Members


President – Sammy Salter
Vice-President – Colin McCann
Treasurer – Christine Prescott
Secretary – James Mitchell

Director of Communications – Brittnee Seely
Directors of Trails – Rob McConnell, Eirik Sharpe
Directors at Large – Paul Burbidge, Tim Hogan, Bryan Unruh

Multi-tools (i.e., club members who help out whenever and however they can, doing whatever is needed to make this club awesome!) – Guillaume Levesque, Maude Craig, Massey Baker, Dale Heffernan, Shelly Mckee, Terry Bloone, Julie DesBrisay, Hudson Lucier



Whitehorse, Yukon Territory

Mailing Address:

Contagious Mountain Bike Club
4061 4th Avenue
Whitehorse, YT Y1A 1H1


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