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The Snow Girls rides are group rides for any rider who is born as, or who identifies as, a woman. Snow Girl rides are meant to be fun and supportive. They are a great way to meet other riders and learn local trails.

Updates for Snow Girls rides in winter 2023/24 will be posted in the Snow Girls Facebook group..

Join Snow Girls Facebook Group

How it works:

Every week we will ride a new trail (or trails). From the trail head meeting spot we can split up into 1-2 groups – intermediate and beginner. Alternatively, we may stay in one group, depending on leaders and locations. We will always have at the minimum, a beginner ride. The beginner group will typically follow the same trail route as the intermediate but at a slightly reduced pace. Switching between groups can happen week to week depending on who is leading and how you, as a rider are feeling on any particular day. Rides will average 40 minutes – 1 hour in length.

This will be our first season trying this group and as the season goes on, the groups will likely merge and evolve.

Specific Trail Routes & Meeting Spots:
These details will be shared the Thursday before the ride date on our Snow Girls Facebook Group

All rides start at 1:00 pm unless otherwise noted, and we will plan to start on Saturday, Feb 22nd, as trail conditions allow.


We are also looking for riders who would like to be LEADERS. If you are confident at navigating the trails, and have a favourite loop you’d like to share, please email us or respond to our recruitment calls on the Snow Girls Facebook Group.

1. Snow Dogs – Please leave your snow pups at home for these rides. While we are in the growing stages of this group, we want to focus on our Snow Girls! Thank you for understanding.

2. "Leaders" not "Coaches" – These group rides are not lessons and your leaders are not coaches.
This is a community based women’s winter riding group and our priorities are safety and fun!

3. Weather – We do have a -25C weather cut off in place.

Please check the Snow Girls Facebook Group for notes/changes/weather cut-offs.

4. Helmets – must be worn for our Snow Girls rides

5. CMBC Membership – If you want to group ride with the club you need to be a CMBC Member. PLEASE bring your membership number to each ride!

Questions? Send us an email at 

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