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CMBC Skill Clinics 2024

We’re looking forward to getting out on the trails with you to get your skills dialled! We have lots of programs on offer this season so read on to find the one that's right for you!

1/ Singletrack Foundations (Beginner)

This program is for riders who’d like to gain skills and confidence for riding beginner-level singletrack trails. After covering some of the basics, we will spend lots of time on the trails, working on skills like body position and balance, proper shifting and efficient gearing, climbing technique, smooth and controlled braking, descending, cornering and rolling over obstacles. Most (or all) sessions will run on Grey Mountain and riders will need a reasonable fitness level to pedal from the bottom parking area to the trailheads.

Choose from these options:

  1. Tuesdays 6-8:30PM: May 14, 21, 28 

  2. Wednesdays 6-8:30PM: May 15, 22, 29 

  3. Mondays 6-8:30PM: June 3, 10, 17 

  4. Sunday 4-6:30PM + Tues & Thurs 6-8:30PM:  June 23, 25, 27 (Mount Mac)

2/ Spring Tune-Up (Intermediate)

This program is for solid riders who have several seasons' mountain biking experience and are confident on blue/intermediate level trails and on "light black"/advanced trails (like El Camino) and who have a good base level of fitness. We will do rides of at least 10km each session to refine and tune-up skills like body position, climbing, braking, descending, cornering and achieving good flow & efficiency to get you all set for the season! 


Choose from these options:

  1. Thursdays 6-8:30PM: May 23, 30, June 6 (Grey Mountain) 

  2. Thursdays 6-8:30PM: May 23, 30, June 6 (Mount Mac) 

  3. Wednesdays 6-8:30PM: May 22, 29, June 5 (Mount Mac) — JUST ADDED!

3/ Descending, Dialled! (Intermediate+)

This program is for riders with a considerable amount of mountain biking experience who are quite confident on blue/intermediate level trails and confident on "light black"/advanced trails (like El Camino and El Guapo). We will focus on improving a variety of riding skills—including body position, braking, line choice and pressure control—to lead to improved descending abilities and confidence, including on rock rolls, steeps, roll downs and corners. Please note: a full suspension bike with a dropper seat post is required for this clinic. Knee pads are encouraged. This program will include sessions at Grey Mountain and Mount Mac. 


Choose from these options:

  1. Tuesdays 11AM-1:30PM: June 11, 18,  25

  2. Wednesdays 6-8:30PM: June 12, 19, 26

  3. Tuesdays 6-8:30PM: August 27, September 3, 10 

4/ Lift Off (Intermediate) 

This program is for riders who are comfortable and confident riding beginner to intermediate level singletrack and are looking to learn to get the wheels off the ground! Over the course of two sessions, we will introduce a variety of basic wheel lifts including front wheel lift, rear wheel lift, level lift, pedalling wheel lift, manual and bunnyhop to help you start to learn how to clear obstacles and features on the trails. 

Choose from these options:

  1. Tuesday/Thursday 6-8:30PM: July 2, 4

  2. Thursdays 6-8:30PM: September 5, 12 


5/ Uphill Upskill (Intermediate) - NEW! 

This program is for riders who are comfortable and confident riding intermediate level singletrack and are looking to learn some skills and strategies to improve their climbing.  Over the course of two sessions, we will introduce, practice and apply various techniques and strategies to tackle steep or long(ish) climbs, get up and over obstacles like roots and rocks, tight uphill turns, and more.  

  1. Tuesday/Thursday 6-8:30PM: July 9, 11


6/ Icycle Sports Skill Clinics (all levels)

The Icycle Sports Skills Clinics are coming back for summer following a great winter session of new fat bike skills improvements. Hudson Lucier, Cycling Association of Yukon head coach and two-time winner of the local Monster Enduro, is back with the help of Icycle Sports to offer more insight into the skills that make a great rider.  Hudson promises to open your eyes to ways to improve your mountain bike riding. If you don't have a bike (or one that is suitable for mountain biking), Icycle will provide a free rental. This summer we will be charging a small fee of $50, which will all go back to the Yukon mountain bike community. Ages 13 and up, all levels welcome!  Meet at Magnuson Parking Lot on Grey Mountain.

Choose from these options:

  1. Sunday 9-11AM: May 19 

  2. Sunday 9-11AM: June 2

  3. Sunday 9-11AM: June 30

  4. Sunday 9-11AM: July 14


Registration opens April 22 at 4:00PM.
Please register early as we anticipate the programs will fill quickly. 

If you know beforehand that you will not be able to attend a session, please do not register for the program. ​The registration form includes a Skills Questionnaire about your experience, goals and current skill level with climbing, descending, wheel lifts and other maneuvers, so we suggest to give this some thought before you register.

Registration fee: $165 for 3-session programs, $125 for 2-session programs and $50 for 1-session programs. (Plus online processing charges. CMBC membership is also required)


For 2024 CMBC members, make sure you are logged in to CCN before registering for the clinics. If you don’t already have your $25 membership for the year, you will be prompted to purchase this when you register for the clinics.

Please note:

All participants require a mountain bike in good working condition and a helmet. Please ensure your bike is in good working order as it is not fair to the instructors or other participants to take time away from the session to be working on your bike. A full suspension bike is suggested – a suspension fork is required at minimum. A dropper seat post is also suggested but not required. The exception is "Desending, Dialled!" where a full suspension bike with dropper post is required. Bike gloves and eye protection are strongly recommended. In addition to some water and a snack (if you think you’ll want one), please pack a spare tube for your wheel size and a multi-tool in your riding pack. Come prepared for all weather conditions, as we will not let the rain stop us!

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Your instructors


Christine Prescott

Christine has lived in Whitehorse since 2017 and loves riding the amazing trails in Yukon’s backyard.  Before moving North of 60, she was Program Manager and Women’s MTB Program Head Coach for Rundle Mountain Cycling Club (RMCC) in Canmore and Banff, AB. During that time, she grew their women’s MTB program three-fold, making RMCC one of the biggest clubs in Western Canada with 70+ programs each year for 600+ riders of all ages and levels.

Christine was a coach and camp manager for Trek Dirt Series Mountain Bike Camps until 2020 and continues to coach for Sweet Skills Mountain Bike Camps. She is certified with Professional Mountain Bike Instructor’s Association, National Coaching Certification Program, and Canadian Association of Nordic Ski Instructors. Christine is passionate about bikes and about the arts – she is a landscape painter and works for Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity to raise funds that support arts and Indigenous leadership programs. She has two rad kids – Maddox and Hazen – who also love to shred on skis and on bikes.

photo: Tyler Meade

D Pharand_edited.jpg

David Pharand

This is David, he's been teaching mountain biking and guiding in the Yukon for about a decade now. Some of his favourite trails are Goat and Downtown Boogaloo. What he enjoys most about teaching is showing people tips and tricks on how to be smooth and you'll often hear him say: "smooth is fast." Whether you are looking to develop a stronger foundation or build more advanced skills, David has a lot of tricks up his sleeve. 

Kate White.jpg

Kate White


Like many, Kate rode bikes as a kid and came back to them as adult. She spent those first years back on a bike doing most things wrong, but having a really good time doing it. She took her first instructor course in 2009 and hasn't looked back. She loves sharing what she knows to help people skip over those initial learning mistakes and get straight to the fun. She is enthusiastic and likes to boast that she can "talk anyone down anything.” There are more than a few people on bikes who hear her yelling encouraging pointers at them years after lessons.

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