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CMBC 4-Week Skills Clinics 2021

We’re looking forward to getting out on the trails with you to get your skills dialled!

This year, we have four different programs available:

1/ Spring Tune-Up

This program is for solid riders who have several seasons' mountain biking experience and are confident on blue/intermediate level trails and on "light black"/advanced trails (like El Camino) and who have a good base level of fitness. We will do rides of at least 10km each session to refine and tune-up skills like body position, climbing, braking, descending, cornering, and achieving good flow & efficiency to get you all set for the season! This program will run on the Grey Mountain trails and is ideal for riders who did the Intermediate Mileage Program in 2020 or who have had other coaching previously.

Choose from these options:


  1. Mondays 6:30PM-8:30PM | May 17 – June 7
    (note: there is a session running on May 24 holiday)

  2. Wednesdays 10:30AM-12:30PM | May 19 – June 9

2/ Singletrack Foundations

This program is for riders who’d like to gain more skills and confidence for riding beginner-level singletrack trails. We will spend the majority of the sessions on the trails, working on skills like body position and balance, proper shifting and efficient gearing, climbing technique, smooth and controlled braking, descending, cornering, and rolling over obstacles. Most (or all) sessions will run on Grey Mountain and riders will need a reasonable fitness level to pedal from the bottom parking area to the trailheads.

Choose from these options:


  1. Mondays 6:30PM-8:30PM | June 14 – July 5
    (note: due to National Indigenous Peoples’ Day on June 21, that week’s session will instead be on Tuesday, June 22)

  2. Thursdays 6:30PM-8:30PM | June 17 - July 8
    (note: due to Canada Day on July 1, that week’s session will instead be on Tuesday, June 29)


DATES ADDED! (registration will open on July 16 at 9:00AM)

  3. Tuesdays 6:30PM-8:30PM | August 17, 24, 31, Sept 7

3/ Under Pressure!

This program is for strong intermediate or advanced riders who’d like to learn about using active and passive “pressure control” to increase their riding skill … and the fun factor! Being good at creating and releasing pressure from the bike equals better traction, momentum and performance – it’s often the mark of an advanced rider compared to intermediates. In this program, we will develop pressure controls skills in flowing and technical terrain, corners, climbing, descending, and will then apply it to introductory-level jumps and drops to get the wheels off the ground. We will be primarily on the trails, so there will be ample opportunity to ride and play with these new skills. 

  1. Ladies Only - Thursdays 6:00PM-8:30PM | June 17 - July 8
    (note: due to Canada Day on July 1, that week’s session will instead be on Tuesday, June 29)

Please note: the intent of the “Under Pressure!” program is not to ride terrain that will really challenge you, but to ride intermediate level trails in a new way so that you can become a more skilled rider. You will be able to take your new skills to more advanced terrain when you consolidate your learning, but that kind of terrain isn’t part of this program.

4/ Intermediate Mileage Program

This program is for riders with several seasons' mountain biking experience who are confident on blue/intermediate level trails and on "light black"/advanced trails (like El Camino) and who have a good base level of fitness. Each week, we will focus on making small changes that will result in big gains later on in your riding confidence. We will use a ride of at least 10km each session to give you lots of opportunity to think about and to apply these changes. Mileage is a great teacher (and so are your instructors)! Some of the areas of focus will include adjusting body position to create stability and control, “driving” the bike rather than being a “passenger” on board, reading the trail to be able to anticipate and execute your next move, advancing your braking skills in cornering and on descents, and gaining a variety of tools in your climbing toolkit!


DATES ADDED!  (registration will open on July 16 at 9:00AM)

1. Mondays & Thursdays 6-8:30PM | Aug 2, 5, 9, 12 

2. Thursdays 6-8:30PM | Aug 19, 26, Sep 2, 9 



Capacity is 4 riders per group again this year to ensure we can have adequate physical distancing and safety measures in place. Registration will open May 12 at 4:00 PM for May/June clinics and July 16 at 9:00 AM for August/Sept clinics) – please register early as we anticipate the program will fill quickly. We also ask that if you know beforehand that you will not be able to attend a session, that you do not register for the program. 

We will not be keeping a waiting list, but we plan to add more program dates later in the summer and fall.

Please note that the registration form includes a Skills Questionnaire about your experience, goals, and current skill level with climbing, descending, wheel lifts and other maneuvers, so we suggest to give this some thought before you register.

If these programs are not suited to you, or the dates don’t work for you, please reach out to our friends at Boréale Explorers or Terra Riders to set up some instruction suited to you.

4-week program registration fee: 

$150/person – Spring Tune Up or Singletrack Foundations

$165/person – Under Pressure! or Intermediate Mileage

(Plus online processing charges. CMBC membership is also required)


For 2021 CMBC members, make sure you are logged in to CCN before registering for the clinics. If you don’t already have your $20 membership for the year, you will be prompted to purchase this when you register for the clinics.

Health measures:

We are working hard to offer skills clinics that align with Yukon’s COVID-19 guidelines and regulations. All participants must follow the “Safe 6”.

Please note:

All participants require a mountain bike in good working condition and a helmet. Please ensure your bike is in good working as it is not fair to the instructors or other participants to take time away from the session to be working on your bike. A full suspension bike is suggested – a suspension fork is required at minimum. A dropper seat post is also suggested but not required. Bike gloves and eye protection are strongly recommended. In addition to some water and a snack (if you think you’ll want one), please pack a spare tube for your wheel size, a multi-tool, and hand sanitizer in your riding pack. Knee pads suitable for lots of pedalling are recommended for riders in the “Under Pressure!” program. 


Come prepared for all weather conditions, as we will not let the rain stop us!

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Your Instructors


Christine Prescott

Christine has lived in Whitehorse since 2017 and loves riding the amazing trails in Yukon’s backyard.  Before moving North of 60, she was Program Manager and Women’s MTB Program Head Coach for Rundle Mountain Cycling Club (RMCC) in Canmore and Banff, AB. During that time, she grew their women’s MTB program three-fold, making RMCC one of the biggest clubs in Western Canada with 70+ programs each year for 600+ riders of all ages and levels.

Christine also coaches for Trek Dirt Series Mountain Bike Camps and Sweet Skills. She is certified with Professional Mountain Bike Instructor’s Association, National Coaching Certification Program, and Canadian Association of Nordic Ski Instructors. Christine is passionate about bikes and about the arts – she is a landscape painter and works for Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity to raise funds that support arts and Indigenous leadership programs. She has two rad little boys – Maddox and Hazen – who also love to shred on skis and on bikes.


Guillaume Levesque

An accomplished road biker who would often do 100km+ rides, Guillaume had a rough start to mountain biking when he borrowed a bike to enter into a 70km “easy” mountain bike race with a friend. If you can believe it, that is the day he fell in love with mountain biking. Still bruised and smiling he bought a knobby tired bike right away!

Soon after, he joined a mountain biking club and enjoyed group rides when he wasn’t learning to shred on his own. His love for dirt grew over time; it was not until he landed in Whitehorse in 2011 that his transformation into a full time mountain biker was complete.

Since then Guillaume has been an enthusiastic volunteer for all things biking. From taking part in organizing the 24 Hours of Light Mountain Biking Festival to sitting on the Board of Contagious Mountain Biking Club to founding the Whitehorse Urban Cycling Coalition, to leading skills clinics.

Now a certified Level 2 Professional Mountain Bike Instructor (PMBIA), Guillaume believes that taking the time to learn and practice skills progressively is the way to really build the confidence to send it safely, regardless of your age, goals or skill level, from beginner to advanced.

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