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Ride In My Back Yard Challenge


It’s social distancing, it’s exploring the incredible network of trails in your own backyard, it’s fun, and there are prizes!!! Win-Win-Win-Win!

Check out the details below, register (opens June 1), ride, and submit a photo of yourself at each location in your challenge category for a chance in the draws.

On June 12, we will post the location details for each challenge category, and you will have until midnight on June 30 to hit each spot on the list for your category, snap your photos and send them in. There will be approximately 8 locations for the Novice and Expert Categories and 5 locations for the Kids.


And … we hope to be together even though we are apart, so we are asking you to share your best / most fun photo and some comments to the

CMBC R.I.M.B.Y. Kudoboard we set up so that everyone can share in the fun you’ve had riding in your backyard! There’s even a prize for best photo posted to the Kudoboard!

Photo Credit: David Gonda

The Details:

Whether you are a little ripper, just getting into mountain biking, or are a bona fide shredder, we have a R.I.M.B.Y. Challenge category for you. Although we can’t meet for big group rides or offer our classic CMBC events right now, it’s a great time to get out and explore our local Whitehorse trails (… and some of us may need some extra bike therapy happy feels right now!

There are three categories in the R.I.M.B.Y. Challenge: Kids, Novice, and Expert.

The Kids Challenge consists of short mountain bike rides accessible to kids ages approx. 6 or 7 and up. The kids challenge can be completed in two longer loops or several shorter rides ... it's up to you.

The kids category will take youngsters to explore beginner trails at Mt. Mac and Grey Mountain.

The Novice Challenge will see riders explore green/beginner and blue/intermediate trails (no black/advanced trails). This challenge will take several rides of less than 2 hours (at a novice pace) to complete. Riders will cover trails at Mt. Mac, Grey Mountain and Crestview.

The Expert Challenge includes black/advanced trails (but no double black), as well as trails that will take longer than 2 hours to complete. Some of the Expert Challenge trails may be dangerous for riders without the skill level and riding experience to do them. Trails you might see in the Expert Challenge could be, for example, Easy Money, Blown Away, The Dream

Prizes & Wayfinding:

There's no difference between prize values of Novice and Expert, so choose the category that best fits you. We recommend you use TrailForks if you are unfamiliar with the trail network and also to help you plan your route to R.I.M.B.Y. Challenge locations once they are posted on June 12 (the TrailForks phone app is the way to go for on the trail navigation!). In the meantime, line up some riding mates and block off some windows from June 13-30 to get out riding in your backyard!


Thanks to generous support from Icycle Sports and Cadence Cycle, there are hundreds of dollars of prizes and gift cards up for grabs! We will draw one winner from the completed entries in each category (Kids, Novice, Expert). There will also be a prize for the Best Photo posted to the CMBC R.I.M.B.Y. Kudoboard.

You don’t need to complete the entire challenge for a shot at the Kudoboard best photo prize.


Registration opens June 1, 2020

Registration Fee:

$10.00 CMBC Members

$15.00 Non-CMBC Members

$ 5.00 Kids

High fives to CMBC member, Hudson Lucier, for putting the R.I.M.B.Y. Challenge together.

If you have any questions, you can drop him a line.

R.I.M.B.Y. Challenge Locations

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for!

Here are the locations you need to hit for each R.I.M.B.Y. Challenge category.

You must get a photo of you at each location in your category to be eligible for the prize draws.

Photos (low res) must be submitted by midnight on June 30 to and don’t forget to post your best photo and some comments to the CMBC R.I.M.B.Y. Kudoboard!

KIDS CATEGORY - 5 Locations

Grey Mountain Skills Park 
This feature-filled clearing is located just north of the Grey Mountain graveyard, where Lower
Boogaloo and Boogaloo North intersect. Take a picture with your favourite feature!

Mt. Mac Skills Park

The skills park at Mount MacIntyre is a great place to progress with drops, a pump track, jumps,
a flow trail, and skinnies. The park is located just above the Mt. Mac Ski Club. Take a picture
with your favourite feature!

Boogaloo Heights Trailhead 

This trail might be challenging for some little rippers out there, but even a bike out on
Magnusson Green from the Biathlon Parking lot is a good ride. Take a picture with the trail
intersection behind you.

Harvey's Hut
This iconic ski hut was burnt down a couple of years ago and beautify rebuilt. The hut is at the
intersection of 24HOL (Hours of Light) Connector, Porcupine Ridge, and the Copper ski trail.
This is the longest ride for the little ones, so snacks are encouraged. Take a picture with the hut!

Upper Riverdale Trail
This is a nice trail that follows the ridge above Riverdale. Take a picture with Riverdale in the


Falun Lookout

At almost 900m, this is the highest point of the main Mt. Mac ski trails. From here, you have two
options to ride down - Calypso Canyon or Rebirth. Take a picture with the bench!

24 Hours of Light

This is a beautiful trail ride that loops around the Mt. Mac ski trails. There are two good lookouts
over the creek. For some, this might be a longer ride, so bring snacks! Take a picture with the
stunner of a view behind you. Make sure to look yourself.

Log Skinny on Fetish

This is a short trail between Two Burnt Trees and Upper Rocky Canyon at Mt. Mac. There are
two features on the trail - the trail gap and the log skinny. Take a picture at the log skinny, and as
always, when stopping at a feature, watch for other riders!

Hawk Ridge

This is the southern-most trail of the Mt. Mac ski area trails. Take a picture at the trailhead!


Access the trail from a gravel access road branching right from Grey Mountain Road, before you
get to Cantlie Lake Road. Keep your eyes peeled for a grey hiking boot in a tree to mark the start
of the trail off the access road, and take a picture there, or with one of the trail gnomes along this
sweet rip of a ride.

This trail could be done after you do Southpaw, as it is accessed off of the Cantlie Lake Road
Connector and takes you to Blue's Brother. Take a picture at the Bill Stewart bench and take a
moment to savour “Life is a Beautiful Ride”.

Broken Truck
This trail is awesome for the flowy singletrack and the BROKEN TRUCK. Take a picture with
the Broken Truck … but make sure you do not block the trail!


This is an amazing trail just south of the cell tower at Copper Ridge. Take a picture at the top of
the trail with the first wooden feature!

Birch Loop

There is a super fun new loop to connect new and old trails around the Crestview
neighbourhood. Take a picture at the bench look out at the high point of the trail (about mid-way


Yukon River Trail

One of the most iconic mountain bike trails in Yukon - take a picture of your favourite view!

Girlfriend and Juicy

Take a picture at the intersection!

El Camino

One of the most popular shuttle laps trail in town - take a picture at the trailhead, then go shred

The Dream

This is a new trail being built by the Youth Achievement Centre. This trail starts on Go-T and heads up toward the first peak of Grey Mountain. There are trail construction signs, but riders are permitted to the entrance to Gnar Wall. Take a picture of yourself when you see the sign toward Gnar Wall. 

Easy Money

Access from the Easy Money trailhead, or from the end of Money Shot if you’re feeling spicy!
Before the Easy Money descent begins, there is a beautiful lookout with a bench. Take a picture
at the bench, savour the views, and enjoy the ride down!

Rehab and Downtown Boogaloo
This intersection marks the top of the iconic Boogaloo trail network. Take a picture of the top
Downtown Boogaloo, then you know what to do next!

Blown Away

This is the one trail that might rival Yukon River Trail for Whitehorse’s most iconic.
Take a ride up there to enjoy the trail and send us a picture of you and that incredible view!

NOTE: Trail beta has uncovered some big snow patches on the trail as of June 13 — so, plan to do this ride near the end of the Challenge. If the trail is still snowy or wet by June 26, it will not be required to complete the Expert Challenge.
***UPDATE (June 24) —trail is all clear and ready for R.I.M.B.Y. 

Pilot Mountain

Take a picture at the lookout at the top of Pilot Mountain and enjoy the trails!

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