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All the details you need for this year's 24 Hours of Light

Only four more sleeps until this year's 24 Hours of Light Mountain Bike Festival! If you haven't been following the facebook page for the event there are some important things you need to know.

First of all, the event this year is in a new location! We will be basing the fun out of the Biathlon Yukon facility on Grey Mountain. Yes, you can still camp onsite if you need to catch a few zzzz's as the 24 hours wear on but we still encourage staying up and riding/hanging out all night long.

The Yukon way may be to sign up for things at the last minute but we would REALLY appreciate it if you could register as soon as possible. Remember that one of the benefits of being a cmbc member is that you get $25 off the entry fee. By asking you to register in advance we aren't trying to be uptight; we're just trying to organize a pretty big event and make it all run smoothly. Knowing how many people we are going to have helps us put together race packages, timing lists and generally know what to expect. So get your team together and register! Registration closes at MIDNIGHT (23:59pm) on Thursday June 26th. Super-whiners can beg for late registration at Friday's captains' meeting but you will have to endure some good-natured humiliation and an extra fee.

Captains' meeting is at 7pm on Friday at the Biathlon Parking area on Grey Mountain Road. There will be signs. One person per team is to attend. Snacks and beverages will be provided. This is where you pick up your race package.

The course is just over 11km. You can see it on Strava here. It is a loop that includes Yellow Brick Road, Magnusson Green, Woodcutter's Road, Midtown Boogaloo, Go-T and Mother-Tucker. Not only do we have the regular race this year but we also have an under-17 race and a run bike race for the littlest rippers. $60 for U17 and $5 for the run bike. Run bikers and their parents can show up and pay cash; U17 need to register in advance just like the big kids.

We have a bunch of really great prizes and sponsors this year. If you are keen on winning awesome stuff, you can do so by winning the solo (men and women) division, by having the best costume, by being the team with the most laps, or by volunteering. To be honest, there will be other fabulous random prizes awarded too but if you come to compete, we will reward you.

For thirsty riders or for thirsty spectators, there will be a beer garden at this year's festival. Come and enjoy a beverage starting at 6pm.

We have awesome 24HOL jerseys for sale too! Designed by local but internationally successful artist Monika Melnychuk there are a limited number of these available. $100. Come on - how cute is the caribou on the sleeve?!

Other stuffs:

Race is noon-noon.Run bike race is at 3:30pm.Bring your own bowl/utensils to help make the event as green as we can.There will be free coffee onsite so bring your own mug.BBQ at 10pm and breakfast at 8am but bring enough to sustain yourself for 24 hours.Costumes encouraged and a prize will be awarded for the best.Bring cash for the fish n' chips truck as well as the beer garden.Parking is limited. Carpool if you can, bike up, or have someone drop you off if possible.Bring your own water.No dogs.No lights.No complaining.

It's going to be another crazy-fun year of 24 hour racing in the Yukon. See you Saturday!


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