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Bicycle Bylaw - City Seeking Feedback

Please see the following message from the City of Whitehorse regarding its review of the Bicycle Bylaw. Dave Pruden is seeking comments - if you ride (summer or winter) in the City and wish to comment, please respond directly to him at Dave.Pruden[at] or at the contact information he provides in his message. Click the links at the bottom of the message for the attachments.

Please note that CMBC does not include bicycle commuting in its mandate, but will disseminate information about it to CMBC members.


Good day.

The City of Whitehorse is in the process of reviewing its Bicycle Bylaw. The City of Whitehorse will be seeking input from the public and from stakeholders such as your organization.

As such, I have attached the current Bicycle Bylaw which is on the books for your review and comments. If there are any items in the Bicycle Bylaw, which are of concern, or if there are concerns you may have about cycling in our community that you would like to see addressed in the Bicycle Bylaw re-write, please send me your comments.

There are also several laws in the Motor Vehicles Act regulating bicycle operations and typically the City of Whitehorse would not duplicate those laws in our Bicycle Bylaw.

The Motor Vehicles act Parts 11,12, and 13 speak to bicycle operations.

I have also enclosed a copy of the Motor Vehicles Act.

If you could please respond back to me no later than February 22nd with any input, it would be greatly appreciated.

If there are questions or concerns you wish to discuss in person, please feel free to email me or call me at the numbers noted below.

David Pruden Manager Bylaw Services

City of Whitehorse Office: (867) 668-8317 Cell: (867) 334-1082 Fax: (867) 668-8364


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