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Carcross Trail Day 2

Sunday, September 30th is your second chance to help with the Wayne's World trail that will ultimately link MacDonald Creek with Carcross.

Please consider coming out to this important trail work event.

If you are thinking of missing out, here's some good reasons to attend:

  1. Trail building has an enormously high rate of return. The 5 hours you spend out on the trail will result in endless hours of biking fun. The 5 hours you spend cleaning your house or yard, will result in a clean house/yard for about 1 day before it's ruined by kids, dogs, and your own inability to maintain order.

  2. It's a good work out. We are bikers, our legs are strong from hours of pedaling, but let's face it our arms are weak and pathetic. Most of us can only barely manage to get a beer from counter to mouth before exhausting ourselves. We could also a little upper body work out.

  3. It's good bike karma. Carcross trails are endless good times, do you really want to risk jinxing that by upsetting the bike balance? If you give the trails your love, they will give it right back to you.

  4. It's good life karma. If you've ridden Carcross you've met Wayne. He's told you where the snowline is. He's warned you of the newly fallen trees. he's let you know about bear activity. Chances are he's also the same guy who's taken out those annoying fallen trees (there are no magic chainsaw fairies); and he's definitely been the guy building the new trails. Someday when life kicks you in the balls/box people will come out of the woodwork to help you. Now's it your chance to do the same.

Trail work will get started at 10:00 tomorrow from Caribou Crossing Coffee, beside the Visitor Center in downtown Carcross (they'll also have coffee and treats starting at 9:30). If you are running late, the trail parrallels the tracks.

You can get on the trail by riding the tracks to the tin cup bridge (marked 66A), turn up a pathway, you'll arrive at a bike bridge.

Ride to the right all the way down the new tread to where the new trail work will start.


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