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Dry Tri Is Back!

Don’t call it a comeback…

The DT has been here for years -- Rockin’ our peers and puttin’ suckas in fear.

Fear of a dry nation? Come and throw-down as an individual or on a team in the triathlon where the only water is from your tears of joy raining down like a MON-soon (listen to the bass go BOOM) as you run, then ride, then run again on the tasty trails around the Takhini Hotsprings.

Mama said knock you OUT with a dope post-race after-party: fresh BBQ treats*, fly draw-prizes, frothy beverages, and always a few surprises.

Believe the hype! How do we put on such a dope event for so cheap? It’s tricky.

* Respect the environment, yo! Keep it old school by bringing your own cup/plate/cutlery.

You down with DT?

more info call 668.4699 Register at Icycle Sport!!

Don’t you dare stare, you betta MOVE because only the first 30 registered get some sweet Dry Tri BLING.

Much love and respect to our homies at Icycle Sport, Yukon Brewing Co., The Deli, Bean North and Midnight Sun Coffee Roasters. We love y’all. 📷

p.s. I *so* didn't write this text - blame Monika for the 90s revival.


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