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Everything you need to know about 24 Hours of Light 48 hours before registration closes

On June 22, 2013 at noon CMBC will start the clock on our 13th annual 24 Hours of Light Mountain Bike Festival!

Jill Homer finishing 2008 24HOL event. Photo:Paul Gowdie

Here are some things you probably need to know, if you don't already:

Please register soon. It helps us with putting together race packages and timing lists, planning food and just generally knowing what to expect. Online registration WILL TURN OFF at 23h59m on Thursday June 20th. No exceptions. We aren't trying to be jerks, we are just trying to organize a bike race.If you are a cmbc member, you get $25 off the price of the event. When you register, you will need your cmbc membership number. That number can be found on the CCN site where you bought your membership and insurance. Log in. Look at your Account Controls. Click on "My Licenses and Registrations link" and you will see your cmbc number there.For teams, the captain registers first and creates a team page. Then s/he sends info and a link to members of that team. Members of the team need to join the team through following the link. This also must happen before midnight on June 20th.

This is what the elevation profile looks like:

This is what the course map looks like:

Captains' meeting Friday night 7pm at the Copperbelt. All captains or their designate must attend this meeting and if you have anyone under 18 on your team, you must bring parental consent forms.

Last minute changes are possible, but will incur a $10 change fee.

Want an awesome 24HOL tshirt? They are $25 each and are available in limited sizes and quantities.

Of course they are awesome.

Shirts will be available at the captain's meeting and the race. Cash only.

Bring your own bowl/mug/utensils to help make the event as green as we can.

Costumes encouraged.

Parking is limited.

Carpool if you can, bike up, or have someone drop you off if possible.

Bring your own water.

No dogs.

No complaining.

No lights.

Our fabulous local bike shops have offered to lead group rides for those of you who want to pre-ride the race course. Cadence Cycle will lead a ride on Wednesday, departing at 7:15pm from the Copperbelt Railway Museum.

On Thursday, Icycle Sport will lead a ride, also at 7:15pm from the Copperbelt.

These shops are sponsors of cmbc and they provide discounts to club members.

Super big thanks to both of them for supporting Whitehorse events and riders!

Out-of-towners can camp at the race venue Friday and Saturday night as long as they don't light any fires and they keep the site clean.

See you this weekend!


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