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Get Mt Sima Ready for Bike Season

We've got some really great news about riding at Mt Sima this summer. After a number of meetings with the Friends of Sima, CMBC has agreed to contribute some hard dollars and hard work to get the hill open for a few weekends of riding this year. We know that not a lot of our members have come, traditionally, from the DH mountain biking community and we are working hard to make something happen for gravity-seeking riders this year.

Photo: Paul Gowdie

In order to operate Sima in the summer months, there are basic costs that need to be covered - primarily power for the chairlift and costs for staff. There is also a lot of work to be done to make the trails ready to ride. This is where the DH community comes in. We need volunteers to help build/improve the trails and some infrastructure. The first thing that has to happen is that we need a minimum of 5 people for 2 days (or 10 people for 1 day each) to put together the landing pad at the top of the chairlift. We don't have to construct it from scratch; there's no sawing or anything like that involved. It just has to be assembled. This work weekend is being organized for June 14 and 15. This work weekend has been rescheduled to July 5 and 6.

Josh de la Salle is organizing volunteers and he really needs your help. If you want to ride Sima this summer, please come out and put your sweat behind your desires. If we can't get volunteers to make this happen, Sima won't be opening for bikes.

Minimum requirements for volunteers:

- Steel toe boots (some available to borrow) - Able to lift materials - Must bring own lunch and drinks

Contact Josh for more details or email


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