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Hey Ladies!

Dirt Girls is starting up next week. This year, we are trying something a little different, by offering 2 Dirt Girl rides on Tuesdays. The rides will be separated according to skill level, so take a look and decide which ride suits you best. No matter what you choose, Dirt Girls rides are meant to be fun, and supportive. They are a great way to meet other riders and learn the Yukon trails.

Beginners - Beginner rides are for new riders, or ladies who are trying to get back into mountain biking after the winter break. The rides will be on wider trails, with less technical descents. This ride with be at a comfortable pace, with lots of breaks to catch your breath and drink some water. A beginner trail is Magnusson green trail, Schwatka Lake Trail, and Copper Trail.

Intermediate - Intermediate rides are for riders who have some experience on the mountain bike. These riders have ridden some singletrack and are comfortable descending moderate hills. This ride will be at a comfortable pace, with lots of breaks. An intermediate trail is Boogaloo, Hilarious or Rebirth.

Advanced - Advanced rides are for riders who have experience on mountain bikes and are comfortable riding most trails in Whitehorse. This ride will be at a pace designed to give a workout. They'll be breaks, but at the end, everyone will be breathing heavily. An advanced trail is Easy Money, Downtown Boogaloo, B&S.


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