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Intermediate Skills Workshop Starts Monday!

Our beginner workshop in May was a great success, thanks to our amazing instructor Grant Owen and enthusiastic riders!

June is the time for intermediate-level CMBC members to hone some skills. The workshop will run Monday evenings from 6:30 to 8:30/9:00, meeting at the Department of Education Building in Riverdale.

From week to week we will be building on skills learned in previous sessions, so please try to attend from the beginning if you can.

This workshop is free, but only to CMBC members; registration will be available on-site for $40. Please fill in the form to bring with you if you can - it is available for download on our "Become a Member" page.

Skills to be taught by the most excellent instructor Grant Owen include: - tight turns - steeper, faster descents - roll-overs and drops - skinnies

See you there!


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