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It's Spring, let's have a GARAGE SALE!

Spring is finally here and it is time for the Bike Swap! Come on out Saturday May 2 at iCycle Sport backyard for the event! This garage sale is where you can sell your bikes or biking equipment. Here’s the deal:

– Selling your bike? Do it yourself or let us do the work for you! Drop it off at 10:30 and we’ll sell it for you if you want. We ask for a 10% donation of the bike sales price to CMBC.

– Selling gear, bikes, frames, wheels, bike-related stuff? You can do the legwork. Bring your stuff by at 10:30 and set up on a table (provided) and labels (not provided). You pay $10 for your table space and stay to sell your stuff. Sale ends 14:00.

-- You have bike stuff you want to give away? We'll have a CMBC table for drop off.

OPEN TO PUBLIC at 11h00. Sale ends 14:00.

Anything left after 14:30 will be donated to local charity or for Cuban cyclists.

All proceeds go to yours CMBC cycling events, tools, and equipment.

Check out the Facebook Event Page here: Bike Swap 2015


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