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July 16-17 Trail Warnings!

This weekend the Yukon Orienteering Club is hosting the Western Canadian Orienteering championships. They will be using trails in the Grey Mountain and Long Lake areas for this event. This event won't result in any trail closures, it will mean more than 200 runners in some common biking areas. So....if you see a bunch of folks running around with maps - don't worry, they aren't lost! Give them a friendly hello and the right of way while they compete in this important event.

The events will take place on Saturday, July 16 from 10-2:00 pm starting from Magnusson Parking Lot; and Sunday, July 17th at Hospital Ridge from 10:00-4:00 pm.

Yukon Orienteering has provided us a map showing the general areas. On Saturday they'll be using the zone South of the Hospital. It looks like the trails that could be affected are: Boogaloos, El Camino, Yellow Brick, Magnusson ski trails, Your/Our/My Trail, Cousins Connector, Blues Brothers and Lakes Trails.

On Sunday, they'll be using the area North of the Hospital, which could include Hospital Ridge, Long Lake Trail, Hilarious, Booby Trap, Broken Truck and Boogaloo Lakes.


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