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Mt Mac trail map - winter biking

Here is a visual representation of the singletrack trails to which cmbc members have access this winter. We have access to any singletrack trail using specific crossing points. They are marked 1, 2 and 3 on the map. 1 is the 5km, 2 is the 7.5km and 3 is Copper at Best Chance Corner. Crossing is only permitted at these three specific locations. When starting in the DirtJumpPark, riders will climb through the park, turn right on Olympic ski trail staying OUTSIDE the ski tracks. Look to the left for the singltrack and climb that until you cross the 5km trail.

Once you cross the 7.5km, you will have access to the following:

Collective Rocky and Upper Rocky Canyon Fetish Lichen-It part of Birch Two Burnt Trees

In addition, the Porcupine Ridge trail may be used between Harvey's Hut and Best Chance corner as well as the extension of Porcupine Ridge (Hawk Ridge) on the west side of Copper. Remember that you can stay on any trail within these boundaries but DO NOT cross or ride on any other ski trails.

Have fun out there!


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