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Mt.Sima will be open for DH riding this summer, 4 weekends!!

Brought to you by our Director of Downhill, Joshua de la Salle, CMBC is very happy to tell you that thanks to Mt.Sima we are able to announce 4 weekends of chairlift access downhill mountain biking this summer!

The dates are; June 13/14, July 18/19, August 8/9 and September 12/13! The chairlift will be running from 12-5pm those dates. Helmets are mandatory, as is a fully functional mountain bike of course!

Day pass cost is: $30 for Non-CMBC members, $20 for CMBC members. ** CMBC must provide their registration numbers / proof of membership.

Mark the dates on your calendar, and don't worry, we've ordered up some great weather for those weekends too. ;) Happy Shredding!


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