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New Mountain Bike Royalty

It was a fast King of the Canyon race this year! A new Yukon mountain bike royal family has been crowned!

King of the Canyon – Josh DeCloet Queen of the Canyon – Meagan Wilson Prince of the Canyon (short course) – David Pharand Princess of the Canyon (short course) – Jaylene Goorts

Thank you to everyone who made the event possible!

Chrissy McConnell, Rob McConnell, Niki Deneault, Jenn Roberts, Kodak and Anthony DeLorenzo for flagging. Arno Springer, Vanessa Stitt, Kelly Marie, and Carrie Burbidge for helping deflag the course. Colin McCann and James for registration, deflagging and being overall super helpful! Valerie Girard for BBQ and finish line help. Heather LeDuc, Moriah Macmillan, Tim Hogan and family for aid stations. Erika Joubert for co-organizing the whole shebang. Jaylene Goorts for returning the trailer and Land Pearson for picking it up. Cadence Cycle and Icycle Sport for the use of the e-bikes which made organizing and course patrol much easier.

And all the riders who participated in the event!

The Whitehorse Star covered it here:


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