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Summer Kick-Off

On May 13, CMBC will be kicking off its season with a fun event at the Schwatka Lake Boat Launch.

In the past, this has been our annual Poker Ride.

This year, we are skipping the paperwork, and having a non-gambling event co-hosted with Yukon Orienteering, as part of National Orienteering Week.

This is the perfect event for serious and recreational riders. If you are looking to challenge yourself, Yukon Orienteering's timing system will give splits times for Mountain Kings and Dowhill Experts.

For those looking for more fun, there will be a great course that affords time for socializing with new and old bike friends.

  • Date: Sunday May 13th

  • Start: Schwatka Lake Boat Launch, Chadburn Lake Road

  • Registration: 1:30, start 2pm.

  • Entry: $2.


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