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The 5+ Hours of Light is tomorrow!

With the warmer temperatures and a little extra daylight, the 5+ hours of light fat tire festival will be happening tomorrow at the biathlon range.

Here's what you need to know:

* Registration takes place starting at 9:45am and the race starts at 10:06am * Cost is $10 if you were a cmbc member last year, $12 if you weren't (this is insurance related) * You can ride solo or as a part of a team and teams can be made on the fly at the venue * If you can't or don't want to get there for a 10am start, come later in the day and ride fewer laps * If you don't have a bike, there will be some to try. Many people have offered to share * There will be coffee, snacks, and a hot lunch because your cmbc board loves you. Please show us some love by bringing your own mug/bowl/plate and utensils * Bring your own water * No dogs! * Rules are the same as 24 Hours of Light: no lights allowed

See you there!


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