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Trail Building: Copper Ridge to Mt Mac Connector

How awesome is the new network of singletrack over at Mt Mac? Pretty awesome I'd say. Now imagine that you could get from Porcupine Ridge trail over to Copper Ridge/Granger/Hillcrest and ride down Quickie. Even more awesome, right? Right.

I like to think this is what a trail fairy would look like. This one is from an 1890 Fairy Tale illustrated by John D. Batten

But as you all know, there are no trail fairies. We come pretty close here in Whitehorse with our City Trail Crew and they have been working on a connector between Copper Ridge and Mt Mac. However, this is a huge endeavor and they need some help to get it done. So we are asking CMBC members (or anyone who is part of an insured club such as Velonorth or the Trail Running and Ultrarunning Associations of the Yukon) to come out and help.

If you are a member of CMBC and/or a member of an insured club, we encourage you come out and help the City Trail Crew complete the connecting trail between Copper Ridge and the Mt. Mac trail system.

When: August 6, and August 13 starting at 6pm Where: Meet at greenbelt located at intersection of North Star Drive and Iron Horse Drive in Copper Ridge ( What to Bring: Appropriate work clothing (boots, gloves, hat, bug dope, your tool of choice, etc...)

For more information, contact: Paul at: An RSVP would be appreciated to account for food preparations (especially for vegetarians).

Tools will be provided and experience isn't necessary. Dinner and refreshments will be provided courtesy of CMBC and the City of Whitehorse. It's good karma, folks, so hope to see lots of you there!


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