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Updates on Club Group Rides and Dirt Girls

Everyone here is getting excited for another summer of great riding. We are eager to get out there and brave souls have been riding for a few weeks now (on dirt, that is!). This is a little update on one of the many benefits of becoming a member with CMBC.

Throughout the summer, CMBC offers group rides, a twoonie race series and women-only group rides. The benefit of joining these rides is that you ride new trails, meet like-minded people, receive encouragement to try new moves or just to hang out with friends for a great ride.

This year we changed the days for the rides. The CMBC group rides are now on Tuesdays, alternating with the Twoonie Races. The Dirt Girls rides have moved to Thursdays. You can find the dates for all events in our calendar. When you click on the date you will find information on who is leading the ride, time, and ability level.

The format for Dirt Girls remains the same in that there is an easier group and a more challenging group. This year both Dirt Girl rides start in the same place. Please check the calendar for details.

Ride on!


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