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Wanna know what's happening?

This post is just a quick reminder of how to get information about what's happening with CMBC. We have a Facebook User Group called "CMBC Yukon". To become a member, search for us in Facebook. This is a great group for sharing informal information and posting picture albums.

We also have this website. You can bookmark it, or add it to a reader feed. If you want to get a direct e-mail every time we post subscribe by filling out your e-mail in the little "subscribe" box to the right. PLEASE BE WARNED: Many e-mail accounts initially recognize the automatic emails as spam. You'll have to search your junk/spam e-mail to make sure that you are indeed receiving e-mails into your inbox.

We are trying to add more folders and if you look up, you'll see there's an Event Calendar, Twoonie Race menu and more. These menus have important information about upcoming events.


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