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Honorarium for 24 Hours Race Organizer

CMBC is looking for some help with its biggest event of the year - the 24 Hours of Light Mountain Biking Festival. This fabulous event is taking place June 25/26 and there is lots of work left to do. We are looking for someone who can coordinat

- finding chief of timing and timing volunteers

- coordinate evening meal and morning breakfast

- be 'in charge', onsite and visible for the entire 24 hours (or find someone to do this for you)

- find prizes - start race, end race - organize people for race take down

In exchange for these tasks we are offering a $1000 honorarium. We are also offering our former race organizers to give information and expertise... AND we'll make sure you've got a race budget to help pay for expenses.

This might be a good task for a couple, or 2 friends, or someone who has no need for sleep.

If you are interested, please e-mail with a brief letter explaining why you'd be a good candidate for the job.


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