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More exciting June updates!

Hello Savvy Mountain Bikers,

Contagious Mountain Biking Club (CMBC) hasn't gone anywhere during these difficult times. In fact, our board and volunteers have been hard at work negotiating the new normals to provide our members the best of the best in safe, local mountain biking events.

We want to tell our community what we have in store for this year in hopes of getting people engaged, excited and looking forward to local CMBC events (like right in our backyard local) with your club membership.

We have just about everything we need right here in our city limits for a maximum fun/minimum boredom summer of 2020.

Your membership is important to keep CMBC’s wheels rolling to maintain our equipment, for supplies for working on trails, to enhance your events and to help keep our partners working on big multiyear trail projects.

We continue to work with the City of Whitehorse and other user groups as trail stewards and to represent you, the mountain bikers.

Now is a good time to sign up for your CMBC membership to start getting your 10% off merch at your local bike shops.

Membership pays for itself with a new helmet purchase!!!! Wicked!

Unfortunately, some of our mainstay events have been cancelled.

We aren't interested in pushing the limits of safety and we’re sure you all understand.

We are also engaging other outdoor user groups for the benefit of all of us. We hope to make strides this year in collaborating and supporting others’ events and creating better relationships.

Below is a list of the safe, physical distanced fun events we are going to have with sponsor supported top quality prizes. Start filling up your "save the date" calendars and stay tuned for updates. Some events are still getting details sorted for registration but we make them work well within the recommended guidelines.

Events with the go-ahead (SPRING/SUMMER):

1. Physical Distancing Trail Maintenance - in very small but highly organized groups, let your shovels and feet do the talkin’. Dates TBD.

2. Trail Adoption for Maintenance - OOOOH this is a good one. Be the custodian of minor trail maintenance on your favourite trail.

3. Trail Maintenance Online Boot Camps - with your host, CMBC Trail Co-Director, Mr. Rob McConnell. Learn the techniques for a productive, safe and efficient maintenance outing.

4. Monthly Physical Distancing Mountain Biking Challenges

  • R.I.M.B.Y. (Ride In My Back Yard) Challenge - You will have between June 13-30 to ride the designated trails in the category you choose (3 options: kids, novice, expert), much like the Air North Challenge run by Whitehorse Cross-Country Ski Club in the winter. Once you send in photos of you at each checkpoint, you will be entered in the draw for siiiick prizes sponsored by Cadence Cycle and Icycle Sports on offer for each category! Registration is now open.

  • Bike BINGO - Complete five fun mountain bike activities on your B.I.N.G.O. card that will put a smile on your face and get you into the prize draw pool! July 1-20 Fun for all levels and ages.

  • Instagram Photo Contest - Stunning backdrops, your wicked set of wheels, our incredible network of trails, your huge bike riding grin … all the elements are there to take some killer shots this summer! More details to come on how to take ‘em and tag ‘em for a chance to win.

  • TrailForks Post a New Trail Challenge - We want your trail beta! How-to video and details on how you can contribute to summers’ worth of value on TrailForks for our trail network will be forthcoming.

5. ShredHer Women's Enduro Race - women only racing with a twist of skills event.

July 18th. 30 racers max, food, huge prizes.

COVID event rules apply. CMBC is proud to sponsor this new event and we are super happy we have dedicated volunteers for this. Head to ShredHer Facebook Page and the Women's Enduro Facebook Event for more information.

6. Toonie Races - practice up and start some rivalries with your buddies. Locations amd dates TBD. 7. CMBC/VeloNorth End of Season Events Series - Cross the lycra/baggies divide with Multi Discipline, Multi Epic Rides Challenge (Royalty of the Canyon, Gravel Growler, Road/MTB Relay, YXY Cross) or do them all for a shot at some MASSIVE prizes.

8. Skills Clinics - enough said. We have sorted out details based on current restrictions. We have the instructors, the City has trails, and you have bikes. Stay tuned, registration is open on June 17th at 9:00 AM. Please register early as we anticipate the program will fill quickly.

We will not be keeping a waiting list, but we may be able to add more program dates later in the summer or in the fall if there is a lot of demand.

Hopeful happenings (Summer/Fall)

1. Royalty of the Canyon on August 22 - Test your summer biking progress in the annual unofficial Yukon MTB Championships and aim to be the King or Queen (50km any age), Princess or Prince (25km any age), Duke or Duchess (10km 18 and under) and Countess or Earl (5km under 12yrs) of the Canyon on the Grey Mtn trails for 2020. Stay tuned for more info. Prizes are going to be out of this world.

2. 8 Hours of Light, Date TBD - Similar to last year’s fun at Mt. Mac where riders and teams tally up the most laps in 8 hours. Lots of fun for kids and adults. What's an 8 hour race you ask? It's much like the old 24 Hours of Light, but shorter. Shorter laps, shorter overall race time, but NOT short on fun.

Hopeful happenings (WINTER):

1. 5+HOL on December 19

2. Fat Bike Crit

3. Winter Trail Maintenance Boot Camp

4. Winter Maintenance Trail Adoption

We encourage all Yukon mountain bikers to stay engaged with us and help us get through these difficult times together. We are stronger together as a community and we hope you will be a part of the CMBC community this season.

We also are going to have some killer CMBC stickers and top caps that you will definitely want to get your paws on!

Things may get added as the season rolls along.

Please stay tuned for more safely planned and organized events.

Dirt Girls can keep in touch and see some great suggested ride routes on the Dirt Girls Facebook Group and we will keep everyone posted with news on CMBC’s Facebook and Instagram as well.

Thank you for your continued support!

Grab your membership here and we’ll see you (from a safe distance) on the trails soon!



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